Focus Groups

About the focus groups

A part of the project "The municipality of Suðurland" is to assess the status of the municipalities, the outlook for operations and services and the likely impact of the merger on these aspects. The project plan assumes that focus groups will be appointed for specific issues to assess the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities for the relevant issues.

In the selection of representatives in focus groups, it is proposed that participants be selected with knowledge of the issue, while also taking into account gender ratios, age composition and that residents of foreign origin are involved. It is estimated that in each focus group there will be approximately 15 representatives, or 2-3 representatives from each municipality.


The role of focus groups

Each focus group discusses specific tasks for which the project group has given a specific framework. The main aim of the focus groups is to collect information and opinions of the people for policy making in a new municipality, and to promote increased communication and interactions between the parties. The results obtained by these focus groups will then be used for the preparation of public meetings, among other things.

The focus groups will provide the project team with advice and information for assessing the status of the specific issues and possible vision for the future in a merged municipality. The focus group is also intended to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the relevant issue and the threats and opportunities inherent in the potential merger. The information and insights gathered by the focus groups will continue to be used further with a vision of the future in mind if the municipal councils involved in the project decide to start formal merger discussions.

The focus groups are:

Employment and regional Development

Assets of utilities and investments

Educational and social services

Culture, leisure and public health

Transportation, environmental and organizational issues

Government and Finance