The Municipality of Suðurland

The municipalities of Ásahreppur, Rangárþing ytra, Rangárþing eystra, Mýrdalshreppur and Skaftárhreppur have appointed a project team to evaluate the effect of the amalgamation of the municipalities on the operations and services of the municipalities. The project has been named "the Municipality of Suðurland".

The project team includes two representatives from each municipal council, as well as the mayor of each municipality. The chair of the project team is Anton Kári Halldórsson, oddviti of Rangárþing eystra. The group has signed with RR Consulting on managing the project and leading the work on analysis.

The aim of the project group is to make a proposal to the municipal councils in question whether to initiate merger negotiations in accordance with Article 119 of the Local Authorites Act no. 138/2011.

The project team will seek to answer various questions regarding the impact of the potential merger on the finances, operations, administration and services of the area's residents to assess whether the benefit of the residents is better served in the merged municipality rather than in the current structure.

The project team’s conclusion is expected to be ready at the end of October 2020.